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“Rally Roofing and Restoration have done several homes for us. We were very pleased to experience the high level of professionalism they displayed. They were very thorough throughout the entire process. When we have a property that needs a new roof, we know we can rely on them to get the job done in a timely manner, with the quality we expect.” Altitude Realty LLC


“Our home was damaged by a hail storm so we filed a claim with our insurance company. We were frustrated to say the least when our insurance company was not willing to cover most the damage we had to our home, including our roof. Our neighbors were telling us their roofs were getting replaced completely, and our company was only allowing a small amount of money to repair our roof. We contacted Todd with Rally Roofing & Restoration. He sat down with us and reviewed our paperwork from our insurance company after inspecting our home. We discovered our insurance company made several mistakes when they initially inspected our home. Todd helped us by working with our insurance company. He did his own estimate and met with our adjusters to do a 2nd inspection of our home. With the help of Todd and Rally Roofing & Restoration, we were able to get our roof fully replaced and our house painted. Our insurance company originally only wanted to pay $5,246 to repair our home. With the help of Rally Roofing & Restoration, we settled our claim for $18,841. We were so thankful we didn’t have to come up with that money ourselves! We have recommended Rally Roofing & Restoration to several of our neighbors, and will continue to do so!” Troy & Melinda Mullins


“Rally Roofing & Restoration did a great job on our roof. They helped us get more money from our insurance company to cover the cost of our damaged windows, and paint the exterior of our home. They made the whole process much easier for us, our house looks amazing!” Pat & Melinda Bagnall


“My home has been damaged twice over the years from hail storms. Rally Roofing & Restoration has replaced my roof both times. I like the fact that I can count on them to deliver everything that is promised. They make the whole process very easy with my insurance company. I know my roof is done right and looks great! If we get another hail storm, I know who to call.”  Mike McNamara

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